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Le Bouquet Rose

by: Marc Chagall


In 1980 the publisher Aimé Maeght obtained some especially large lithostones  and asked Chagall to make a few large scale lithographs. The request was very broad in nature, Maeght specifying neither a specific size nor theme for the group. The subject matter was left completely to Chagall. Initially Chagall was a bit reticent, but his desire to please Aimé Maeght spurred him on. Once Chagall grasped the project he became completely absorbed in it, ultimately going far beyond the scope of Maeght’s request. Chagall asked Charles Sorlier for the largest dimensions that the presses were capable of printing and proceeded from there. In the end, the project encompassed fourteen large graceful and poetic lithographs, thirteen of which were printed in vibrant pastel tones, one was printed in black only. “L’Envolée Magique” is one of the finest and most desirable of the color lithographs from this group

Source: "Andrew Weiss Gallery, 2018"


Maker: Marc Chagall


Period: 1980

Origin: France

Type: Primitivism

Height: 45.7in

Width: 29.5in

Depth: 2in

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