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Jadeite Guanyin

  • Hand-Carved Jadeite Sculpture

  • Wooden Mandorla, Pedestal, Stand

  • Standing Guanyin Holding Water and Willow Branch

  • Lotus Flower Pedestal

  • GIA Certified


Jadeite sculpture of Guanyin Bodhisattva. Standing Guanyin and garments are jade while mandorla like background and pedestal are wooden.  Pedestal has four legs with a square base on a lotus platform where Guanyin stands. In her hands are a willow branch and a cup of water. Willow branches grant luck and fulfillment while the water embodies purity.  GIA certified.



Origin: China

Type: Jadeite

Height: 65in

Width: 24in

Depth: 18in

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