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Gold Southsea Pearl Necklace

  • 14 Karat Gold with Pearl Necklace

  • Thirty-two Pearls Total

  • Golden Pearls from the South Sea Region

  • Total Weight at 76.39 Grams

  • AIG Certified


One ladies south sea cultured pearl necklace. Condition is new, good workmanship. Identified with markings of" 14K". Containing:

One graduated single strand pearl necklace 17.0" princess length, knotted with a 14KT yellow gold 1O.0mm ball clasp containing 32 south sea cultured pearls, 10.Omm in size to 14.0mm in size. The pearls are golden in color with a very good luster, near round, lightly blemished South Sea Cultured Pearls are farmed in the ocean waters throughout Australia, the Philippines, Indonesia, and the southern coast of China. Australia's main culturing industry is located near the city of Broome, in the northwest, on the Kimberley coast. South Sea cultured pearls form in the Pinctada Maxima oyster, the world's largest (up to 34cm) pearl cultivating oyster. The Indian & Pacific Ocean, the Java & the South China Sea, are the native waters of the Pinctada Maxima oyster.

There are two varieties of the Pinctada Maxima: the Gold Lipped oyster which produces the golden color pearls, and the Silver Lipped oyster which produces white color pearls. The South Sea cultured pearl takes from about two to three years to grow. It is produced by inserting a large bead into the oyster when it is about two years old. The South Sea pearl nacre has a unique satiny appearance, due partly to the fast moving and clean waters on the South Seas. AIG Certified.


Type: Pearl

Weight: 76.39gm

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