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Homage to Terpsichore

by: Salvador Dali

  • Original Dali Bronze Sculpture

  • Cubist Homage to Muse of Dance

  • Patina Green/Gold Edition

  • Lost Wax Process Sculpture Technique


Terpsichore is one of the famed nine Mythological muses. In creating his version of the muse of dance, Terpsichore, Dali uses a reflected image, setting the soft, carnal muse against the hardened, statuesque one. The lack of definition in both faces clearly underlines the purely symbolic significance of these figures. The dancer with the smooth and classical form represents Grace and the unconscious, while the other angular, cubist figure represents the ever-growing and chaotic rhythm of modern life. Both figures dance side by side in everyone.


Maker: Salvador Dali

Period: Cubist


Type: Bronze

Height: 27in

Width: 18.5in

Depth: 8.5in

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