Item List

Cloisonne Bodhisattva

Bodhisattva sculpture sitting on round pedestal with a cup in hand. Chinese lacquer defines the body and cup while enamel coats the garments and pedestal. The cup of water embodies purity while the lotus flower symbolizes peace.

Cloisonne Incense Burner

This intricately detailed cloisonne piece encrusted with turquoise and red enamel incense burner is secured by a tripod with two handles and a cover. Qiling beast sits atop the lid and legs while the handles are elephant heads with tusks. The enamel designs are lotus flowers with colorful extensions. Lotus flowers depict harmony and peace in traditional Buddhist and Chinese culture.

Cloisonne Three Piece Chair Set

Finely detailed cloisonne chairs with turquoise, red and yellow colored enamel. Sold as a set, 2 chairs come with a center table and are decorated with majestic dragons and lotus flowers. The lotus flower is mostly connected with Buddhism and is used to symbolize peace and humility.

Set of Bronze Three Goddess

Fortune, Prosperity, Longevity style Guanyin in brass sculptures. Set of three Star Deities hold a peach flower and Ruyi scepter. The Longevity Goddess is holding the peach, which represents long life, and the Fortune Goddess clutches a Ruyi scepter representing luck.

Wooden Mahjong Table

Wooden Mahjong table accompanied by four matching chairs. Table has four built-in drawers for tael or money. Chairs and table are all decorated with Mother of Pearl inlay of cranes and flowers. Cranes and flowers symbolize peace and prosperity as it expresses a motif of Spring and new beginnings.