New Life

by Gedalia Ben ZVI b.1925


Acrylic on canvas
98 x 114 cm (38 x 44 in.)
signed in English lower left
and in Hebrew lower right


Czechoslovakian artist Gedalia Ben-Zvi was born in 1925. He had a passion for art from a young age, until Nazi Germany and World War II swept across Europe. Ben-Zvi and his family were forced first into Slovakia, then into a concentration camp in Poland in 1942. After nearly three years in the concentration camp, Ben-Zvi managed to escape into the forests of Northern Poland where he stayed until 1948 when he traveled to Israel via the Camps of Cyprus.

After escaping the horrors of the war, Ben-Zvi was able to once again explore and cultivate his passion for the arts. In 1954, he became a resident of Israel’s Ein Hood artist community, where he taught and practiced art for the next several decades. In his biography, he explains living in this community and creating art with like-minded people gave him a sense of stability, community, and belonging after his family was torn apart during the war. Many of his works of art are inspired by these themes and are physical representations of these musings, feelings, and ideas.