Profile of Time

by Salvador Dali


Original Dali Bronze Sculpture
Surrealist Depiction of Time and Man
Lost Wax Process Sculpture Technique
Patina Green Edition
Original Gouache Style Painting
Maker: Salvador Dali
Period: Surrealist
Origin: Spain
Type: Bronze
Height: 20.5in
Width: 13.5in
Depth: 9.5in


This sculpture echoes Dali’s famous 1931 painting “The Persistence of Memory” in which the famous melted watch appeared for the first time. As the watch liquefies over the tree, it forms into a human profile, underlining the interminable relationship between man and time. The unexpected softness of the watch also represents the psychological aspect whereby time, whilst considered to be precise and fixed in its nature, can in fact, vary significantly in human perception. All men must bend to the passing of time. We see Dali’s profile in the face of the clock. There is a tear falling from his eye, lamenting the path of life that all men must travel.