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Surrealist Piano

by: Salvador Dali

  • Original Dali Bronze Sculpture

  • Surreal Image of Music and Dance

  • Lost Wax Process Sculpture Technique

  • Patina Blue Edition


The Surrealist Piano is one of Dali’s major iconoclastic symbols. The artist has chosen to transform the banal wooden legs of a piano, replacing them with dancing female legs, thus creating an animate joyous instrument that can dance as well as play. Dali often blurred lines between the real and surreal worlds, taking an inert and lifeless object, and, with a wave of his magic surrealist wand, created an entirely new fantasmagorical happening.


Maker: Salvador Dali

Period: 1954

Origin: France

Type: Bronze

Height: 25in

Width: 18in

Depth: 12in

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