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Pair of Jadeite Bamboo Shoots

  • Jadeite Bamboo Shoots, Leaves, Blossoms

  • Hand-Carved Blossoms Accentuated by Deeper Greens of the Jade

  • Pedestal is Wooden and Bamboo Shaped


Pair of Jadeite bamboo shoots finely carved with leaves and blossoms.  Wooden platform is rectangular and the jadeite pieces sit on a wooden bamboo shoot-like boat.  The sculpture is designed so the deeper, clearer part of the jade shines through in the blossoms.  Small details of vines and rocks can also be seen at the bottom of the carving. GIA Certified.



Origin: China

Type: Jadeite

Height: 19.5in

Width: 22in

Depth: 7.5in

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